ESA Letters In Two Days.

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All across North America, ESADoggy's team of licensed local mental health counselors provide genuine emotional support animal letters from a licensed therapist in your city.

The ESADoggy college package contains everything you’ll need for heading off to college in the fall! If you're moving into a new place, then check out our landlord package. And finally, for those traveling this year, our travel package might just be the ticket.

We Work Harder Than Hard.

Our amazing authentic reviews are not by accident, as we provide extraordinary service to each and every client.

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The process was very easy and smooth
The paperwork took a little longer to come through than I thought it would after I paid for the express price, but they definitely otherwise a really great experience!

Six Reasons To Choose ESADoggy.

To make life easy, we’ve narrowed down our favorites.


Our greatest asset is our team of people dedicated to providing you with an unrivalled service.


Our ongoing investment in training and new technology gives us a significant advantage over our competitors.


A continuum of care. Once diagnosed, you have the option to remain under a clinician's care.


Competitive price policy and no hidden charges gives you the best value for your money.


We're quick to respond. Our clients know that we are ‘always available’ for them, and enjoy direct points of contact.


We are are honest and truthful in all our dealings and we do not deliberately mislead or deceive.

"We're changing lives. Are you in?"

- Chaz Stevens, CEO


Our first clients included a wounded warrior and domestic abuse victim. We honor them by treating others with compassion and respect, and find it greatly satisfying helping clients move forward in their lives.