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We have heard the heart-rending stories of terrible trauma that can make the world a minefield. And we understand how having a furry friend by your side can make that world easier to navigate.

Our extensive network of licensed, accredited, and truly exceptional clinicians use animal-assisted therapy to help you deal with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and more.

Licensed therapists from your state make the process of getting your Emotional Support Animal for housing as uncomplicated and worry-free as possible. Or, take to the air with your Psychiatric Service Dog for travel.

Go ahead and see if you may prequalify for an Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service Dog.

Free assistance animal assessments (aka pro-bono ESA letters) may be available to those truly in need of our helping hand.

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Since 2016, we are your trusted source for Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dog letters of recommendation.

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Genuinely qualify for a legitimate ESA letter.

  • Therapists licensed, residing, and practicing in your state.
  • Signed document issued on clinician's letterhead.
  • No reference to ESAD Int'l on the letter.
  • Extensive nationwide PhD therapeutic network.
  • Covers almost all housing complexes.
  • Avoid fees and deposits.
  • Good for one year.
  • Fast, free download.
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Take to the sky with no pet fees.

  • Covers all domestic and international flights originating in the US or Canada.
  • Therapists licensed, residing, and practicing in your state or province.
  • Screening and therapist consultation.
  • Treatment planning and documentation.
  • Good for one year.
  • Fast, free download.
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Six Reasons To Choose Us.


Our greatest asset is our team of people dedicated to providing you with an unrivaled service.


Our ongoing investment in training and new technology gives us a significant advantage over our competitors.


A continuum of care. Once diagnosed, you have the option to remain under a clinician's care.


Competitive price policy and no hidden charges gives you the best value for your money.


We're quick to respond. Our clients know that we are ‘always available’ for them, and enjoy direct points of contact.


We are are honest and truthful in all our dealings and we do not deliberately mislead or deceive.

Proudly Offering Our Hand.

Verifying your college mental health disability

Disability Verification

Be prepared. Know your rights. We can help you succeed in preparing for college.
Mental health care for the older client


Are you facing unexpected changes and losses and struggling to cope?
ESA Housing Discrimination

Housing Discrimination

Our free service matches you with nearby ESA housing discrimination lawyers.

We're a People Business.

Alena K.
00:34 16 Oct 21
ESADoggy made it super easy to apply for my ESA. . The way the questions were written made it easy for me to communicate.Everything seemed very professional.
ariya K.
15:27 06 Oct 21
Honestly the easiest quickest way to get my ESA letter. Every time I called Chaz was always there to answer my questions and concerns. My letter was uploaded to me the day of my phone consultation. 10/10 would definitely recommend their services!

A+ Rated by the BBB.

We are proud to be A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Better Therapists, Better Care.

"We're changing lives.
Are you in?"
- Chaz Stevens, CEO

The assistance animal industry is unfortunately rife with questionable business and therapeutic practices that exploit consumers, prejudice individuals with disabilities, dupe landlords, and generally ignore the Fair Housing Act.

ESAD Int'l founder Chaz Stevens notes, "Our clients often struggle with turbo-charged anxiety, so careful treading around them is helpful. Shame on those who put profit before person."

"Take a look at Google, see who advertises in this market, and avoid 'em at all costs."

"With bogus reviews bought from Fiverr, it takes very little work to launch a digital domain that peddles crappy, red-flag inducing, bot-generated garbage letters auto-signed by a schlocky therapist located two timezones away. It's no wonder spammy operators hide their identities. The mental health field is rigorously guided by ethics, but online vendors strikingly avoid disclosing their own practices. Feel free to review our ethical guidelines."

"I'm sincerely proud of my role with Doggy; proud of our multi-national team, old-school values, and unwavering commitment to providing top-tier remote mental health care. Assistance animal documentation is just one prong of our revenue fork, as we supply a wide variety of other clinical care services."

"Doggy has been a labor of love; going on six years now (our holding company started in '96). We're rated A+ flawless by the BBB, have amazing reviews, and operate with a world-class ethos. Our daily Herculean effort delivers remote compassionate, empathetic care that easily passes all US and Canadian regulatory muster. Clients enjoy extraordinary 24/7 customer support, state of the art privacy protection for their financial and health information, and an extensive therapeutic network."

"If you're shopping for the cheapest letter in town, registering your animal, or getting a certificate ... if you think fully HIPAA-compliant quality mental health care costs just $79 (my plumber charges $175 for 20 minutes), we wish you good luck with your counterfeit document. For visitors in financial need, we offer pro-bono assistance animal assessments."