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Get help dealing with your stress, anxiety and depression with our Perfect Emotional Support Animal Letter™ from our team of doctors and therapists all across the US and Canada.

We provide the highest quality of care, comply with all Federal and state regulations, and are recognized for ethical and compassionate delivery of services.

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5 stars, 5 years in a row!

Our credibility as a reputable provider of emotional support animal services is based upon our client’s trust. And that’s crucial to our success.

Jenna Moldowsky
Jenna M.
00:41 19 May 20
I’m so grateful I found ESDA Intl. Both Chaz and the doctor that I worked with were very professional and responsive. I had my letter within a couple of days and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend this service!

Jenna Moldowsky
Jenna M.
I’m so grateful I found ESDA Intl. Both Chaz and the doctor that I worked with were very professional and responsive. I had my letter within a couple of days and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend this service!

America, get the emotional support animal letter you need.

A lot of people who might not have previously felt a need for mental health services are now finding themselves unsure of how to emotionally deal with this pandemic. It’s common to feel stressed or anxious during this time. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean we have to do everything alone.

Make sure to review our helpful guides for housing and travel.

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Emotional Dog Support letter.

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Using telemedicine, we connect clients with a licensed provider who can issue ESA letters for housing and travel.

Do I Qualify?

We offer a short test to help determine if your condition might qualify for an emotional support animal. The instructional test lists a few of the major life activities that qualifies as a disability.

Your emotional support animal letter.

Housing Pro 2020 ™

Offered in both Standard and Premium editions, Housing Pro 2020 fully complies with recently updated HUD Fair Housing guidance requiring providers to have “personal client knowledge" and an "ongoing treating relationship."

Required by law for Missouri, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana residents.
Strongly recommended for Florida and California residents.

Housing Pro Classic ™

Housing Pro Classic is a cost-effective assessment-based emotional support animal letter service for housing.

ESA College 2020 ™

ESA College 2020 addresses the unique requirements of assistance animals in university housing accommodations.

Required for Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, and California state college and universities.
Strongly recommended for all college-level students.

Gift with approval.

Hello Life! Gift Pack

All approved clients will receive our Hello Life! Gift Pack. Shipped free of charge, the gift pack includes:

  • ID Card
  • Leash
  • Collar ID


    • $39 value.
    • Items are available for pickup at our Boca Raton office.
    • Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.
    • You must have been ESA approved by us.
    • Not for sale to the general public.

    Fair Housing for an emotional support dog in 2020.

    Recently, HUD updated their guidance (FHEO2020), applying new standards to the emotional support dog registration process, now requiring licensed mental health providers to have “personal client knowledge” and an “ongoing treating relationship.” To comply, our Housing Pro 2020 product provides multiple clinical sessions between client and an in-state licensed provider.

    Most online vendors are bogus.

    We routinely shop the competition, chatting with other vendors who offer emotional support animal services. Our ask to them was simple, “what are you doing to comply with HUD’s latest guidance, FHEO 2020-01.” We called the “big names in the business,” the little one man shops, and all points in between.

    In a word, they all failed.


    The laws have dramatically changed.

    Answers included “what’s that,” “that law doesn’t apply to us,” and quite amusing, “that’s up to the therapist to decide.”

    One vendor, with 65,000 customers, was woefully unfamiliar with HUD’s new mandate, oddly pointing out Illinois’ and Indiana’s legislation when queried about HUD’s requirement for an “ongoing treating relationship.”

    We encourage our readers to proceed cautiously when shopping online for an ESA letter. The US government cracked down and it appears few have risen to the challenge.

    Your Emotional Support Animal Letter.

    At the time of this writing, substantial Federal and State laws have been enacted to protect individuals with disabilities who retain assistance animals.

    Additionally, the Fair Housing Act has been updated to help address fraudulent online vendors who offer emotional support animal services. According to HUD, emotional support animal documentation from the internet “is not, by itself, sufficient to reliably establish that an individual has a non-observable disability or disability-related need for an assistance animal.”

    The American’s with Disability Act (ADA) defines an individual’s disability as a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual.” Major life activities include, but are not limited to:

    1. caring for oneself
    2. sleeping
    3. walking
    4. standing
    5. concentrating
    6. communicating
    7. and working

    Service animals versus emotional support animals.

    Legal problems can sometimes bubble up when dealing with the nuanced differences between service and support animals.

    Service animals, which are traditionally dogs and horses, are highly trained to perform a particular skill, for example:

    1. detecting a seizure
    2. pulling a wheelchair
    3. and guidance for the visually challenged

    Animals commonly kept in households.

    Comparatively, emotional support animals require no specialized training (FHEO Notice: FHEO-2013-01, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).

    If the animal is a dog, cat, small bird, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, other rodent, fish, turtle, or other small, domesticated animal that is traditionally kept in the home for pleasure rather than for commercial purposes, then the reasonable accommodation should be granted because the requestor has provided information confirming that there is a disability-related need for the animal.

    Jenna Moldowsky
    Jenna M.
    00:41 19 May 20
    I’m so grateful I found ESDA Intl. Both Chaz and the doctor that I worked with were very professional and responsive. I had my letter within a couple of days and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend this service!
    Amanda Lynch
    Amanda L.
    18:10 18 May 20
    The process with ESA doggy was simple, straight forward and professional. The manager is a kind man who is a good listener.
    SydForFitness Sydney
    SydForFitness S.
    19:32 16 May 20
    I experienced a bit of a wait for my appointment call, but received my letter the following day. Chaz has been very friendly and professional. Thank you!

    Qualifying for an ESA letter.

    There are two ways to go about qualifying.

    Let’s start with the wrong way. Unfortunately, most of the vendors you come across on Google are outright frauds. Pretty much, if they’re selling “ESA pet accessories” and looking to register your pup in an “ESA database,” you’re likely being taken for a run on your money.

    In fact, in late 2019, HUD Secretary Ben Carson asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate online vendors who are pumping out bogus ESA letters.

    The right way is the way that complies with Federal Law.

    The ESADoggy way.

    Here, those qualified for an ESA (more about that in a moment) are recommended for an official emotional support animal letter by a state-licensed and -practicing psychologist. Our letters rigorously comply with Federal Law.

    Additionally, all of your personal information is stored on our 100% HIPAA-compliant servers.

    Getting an emotional support animal.

    Unlike service animals, which can include dogs, miniature horses, pigs, and monkeys, according to the ADA, emotional support animals can be any species and require no special training or certifications, according to the American Psychological Association.

    If you don’t adopt from a local shelter, and opt to visit a pet store instead, prepare to dip into your own pockets, since standard insurance providers generally do not cover emotional support animals.

    What does the letter look like?

    Your ESA letter is recommended by a licensed mental health professional. The letter will come on the professional letterhead of the licensed mental health professional and have everything legally needed for an ESA recommendation within the body of the letter, including their license number and contact information.

    How do I submit my ESA letter to a landlord or airline?

    • You can print out your PDF.
    • We strongly recommend that you present the housing letter to your landlord in-person.
    • For airlines, make sure to call at least 48 hours before departure.

    No need to register your animal.

    Does my animal have to register as an emotional support animal?

    Unlike seeing-eye dogs, or service animals, there is no registry for emotional support animals, and there is no specialized training required to qualify as an emotional support animal. By definition, ESAs are there for you when you need them.

    If there’s no registry, why do you need a letter?

    You need a medical professional to document the conditions that your emotional support animal alleviates to qualify for the protections that the law offers for people who need it. Only a letter from a state-licensed clinician or doctor can render an opinion that holds weight with the courts, and therefore landlords and travel accommodations.

    ESA registration sites.

    Hardly a day goes by when we’re not asked if ESA registration sites are legitimate.

    And the answer is oh, heck no.

    There’s only one way to qualify for an emotional support dog letter. and that’s a letter of recommendation from a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

    It’s a scam if they say they can “register” your animal online.

    Our letters are the genuine article: Emotional support dog letters from state-licensed doctors or clinicians that hold up to scrutiny and can be defended in court as protecting you from illegal discrimination.

    ESA letters are good for just six months, however. You need to get one every six months to keep the document’s current.

    So, how do I get a letter that qualifies Fluffy or Fido as an emotional support animal?

    Our Furry Clientele.

    Telemedicine and mental health.

    ESAD International is a global healthcare technology company with a mission to provide exceptional mental health care training, education, and wellness. Everyday through our online platform, we connect clients with therapists who provide emotional support animal services, including an ESA letter, and COVID-19 mental health care therapy.

    We value your mental health

    We offer access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited medical doctors, Doctor of Nursing Practice, psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), and board licensed professional counselors (LPC).

    We love emotional support animals.

    One of the reasons we have amazing reviews is, well, we don't sell junk. And, we're really proud of how we do business – the why we do (ethics) what we do (ethos).