Emotional Support Animal Letters

Genuine and authentic letters from industry experts.

Getting a genuine ESA letter is simple! Place an order, take an exam, and speak with a local clinician who will assess your needs.

Enjoy same day service, amazing client care, and complete protection of your mental health and financial transaction information.

ESA Housing Letters

If your dog or cat helps ease your emotional disability, then you're likely eligible for an emotional support animal housing letter which requires landlords to waive their "pet rules."

ESA Travel Letters

Across the US, Canada, and around the globe, our  therapeutic network of clinicians provide legal, authentic,  and fully compliant emotional support animal travel letters.

Emotional Support Animal-Certified Therapists

We’ve helped countless individuals just like you.

With over 700 therapists in our clinical network, from Newark to New Zealand, Toronto to Tokyo, we’ve helped thousands and thousands of individuals get to a better place.


Emotional Support Animal Letters.

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