Order Acceptance

Orders are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. After submission, you will receive an email from us, indicating whether or not this order has been transferred to you. Acceptance does not guarantee you’ll be assigned a order.

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  • Skype and Facetime

    Skype and Facetime are not HIPAA-compliant and are not appropriate services to provide video therapy sessions. We suggest using Doxy.

  • Video therapy is required

    To comply with HUD guidelines, use of a HIPAA-compliant video service is required. We suggest using Doxy.

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Expedited order processing

Typically, cases (orders) are completed in five business days, Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. For clients needing faster processing, we offer guaranteed day-definite electronic letter delivery.

Expedited AssessmentDelivery commitment
Next DayEnd of next possible business day.
2 Business DaysEnd of two possible business days.
3 Business DaysEnd of three possible business day.
Standard (no fee)Five or more business days.
  1. Same-day assessment orders and intake exams must be received by 10am EST.
  2. Next-day assessment orders and intake exams must be received by 2pm EST.
  3. Orders are delivered by close of business, therapist’s local time.
  4. Orders/exams received after close of business (M-F, 7pm EST) are included with the next business day’s work.