Airline Travel Policies

Airline Travel Policies

Those traveling with an Emotional Support Animal should contact your airline at least 48 before your departure time.


  • Animals are not permitted in an emergency exit row.
  • Animals are not allowed to occupy passenger seats.
  • Larger or multiple service animals may need to re-accommodate you if the animal encroaches on other passengers or extends into aisles.
  • Larger animals will need to be checked and travel in a kennel.
  • When traveling in the cabin, the animal must fit under your seat, at your feet, or on your lap.
  • Service animals can’t block any aisle.
  • Animal must be well-behaved, clean, and under your control at all times.
  • Advance notice is strongly recommended to ensure all paperwork is in order.

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Emotional Support Animal Letters.

Emotional Support Animal letters of recommendation (“ESA letters”) level the playing field, protecting individuals from “no-pets allowed” policies, and will widen options for air travel.

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  • Contains every written element and requirement demanded under federal law
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  • Our ESA travel letter have never been rejected by any airline
  • Regularly updated and fully comply will all recent changes to federal law and guidelines

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AirlineSpecial InstructionsRestricted AnimalsContact
Alaska AirlinesPrior to boarding, you must present current documentation to one of our customer service agents.Hedgehogs, Ferrets, Insects, Rodents, Snakes, Spiders, Sugar Gliders, Reptiles, Non-Household Birds, Animals improperly cleaned/foul odor, Unusual/Exotic Animal(800) 503-0101
Allegiant Air(702) 505-8888
American AirlinesSpecial Form(800) 237-7976
Atlas Air(800) 503-0101
Delta AirlinesHedgehogs, Ferrets, Insects, Rodents, Snakes, Spiders, Sugar Gliders, Reptiles, Non-household Birds, Animals improperly cleaned/foul odor, Animals with tusk or hooves(404) 209-3434
Hawaiian AirlinesFlights longer than 8 hours require documentation that the animal will not need to relieve itself on the flight or can relieve itself without creating a sanitation issue.Peacocks, Ferrets, Rodents, Spiders, Insects, Chickens, Roosters, Reptiles, or Live Fish.(800) 367-5320
JetBlueIn the terminal at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), all emotional support animals will be properly confined in a cage, crate or other device.Unusual Animals (i.e. Reptiles, Ferrets, Rodents and Spiders) or Birds that do not have their wings “clipped or pinioned”(800) 538-2583
Southwest AirlinesPrintable InstructionsUnusual or Exotic animals including, but not limited to, Rodents, Reptiles, Insects, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Sugar Gliders, etc.(800) 435-9792
Spirit AirlinesSpecial Form

Minimum 48-hour advance notification, If not enough notice is provided, then pet-travel fees may apply.
(800) 228-2744
Virgin America(877) 359-8474

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For those who qualify, a letter of recommendation will be securely delivered electronically and via postal mail.

How long does it take?

Orders are typically fulfilled within four to five business days. Expedited service is available (additional fees will apply).