Animal Ethics

Animal and human rights boil down to one fundamental right: the right to be treated with respect as an individual with inherent value.

As humans, having our pets by our side brings us great joy, comfort, and helps alleviate the painful emotional symptoms we may be experiencing.

That road though goes two ways, as we must consider the animal impact, and this all starts with building a healthy relationship with your animal. A strong foundation allows the handler to judge an animal’s reaction to events.

Here’s an example worth considering.

Spot the dog experiences anxiety, but I’m thinking of bringing him along for his first trip to the airport. Is this fair to him? What supports do you have in place?

Animal rights.

Human beings and adult mammals have rights because they are both ‘subjects-of-a-life’.

This means that:

  • They have similar levels of biological complexity
  • They are conscious and aware that they exist
  • They know what is happening to them
  • They prefer some things and dislike others
  • They make conscious choices
  • They live in such a way as to give themselves the best quality of life
  • They plan their lives to some extent

Pushed too far.

Poor Spot, in an unfamiliar place, is experiencing galactic levels of stress. And, in a moment of panic, Spot, unfortunately, bites someone.

Knowing your animal is vital to avoid these situations, ultimately protecting you and your best buddy!

We are animal advocates.

While we’re powerless to stop clients from bringing their animals into unsafe situations, ESAD Intl. believes it’s vital to advocate for our clients while ensuring we’re also educating about the need for animal advocacy.

Our therapeutic protocol includes routinely discussing human and animal welfare, as we’re motivated to keep everyone happy and safe.

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