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Marketing Content Writer/Proofreader
Part-time, Contract

ESAD is actively seeking a detail-oriented content writer to assist with the creation of engaging, educational and informational content. This position is a great fit for a professional content writer who has worked in the housing or educational space.

Job functions

  1. You will be able to translate complex and technical concepts into clear and concise content that effectively communicates with our diverse customer base.
  2. The raw-content will be provided via PowerPoint presentations, along with a 15-minute (or so) audio file (the basic components of a webinar, if you will).
  3. A non-disclosure agreement is required.

What makes you a great fit

  • 5+ years of proofreading, copywriting, fact-checking, or related content development experience.
  • You are a content-writer by trade.
  • Exceptional command of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and AP style.
  • Don't laugh, but we're avid proponents of the Oxford comma (hint).
  • Yes, we know, the serial comma is not part of the AP style guide. We also know rules are good to have, until you need to break 'em.
  • Exceptional communication, prioritization, and time-management skills.
  • You love deadlines. Missing deadlines is a deal killer at ESAD.

About the gig

  1. The work will be done remotely.
  2. The pay is commensurate with individuals who fit the above requirements,
  3. For this particular project, we're going to build out 10-15 episodes (as defined above).  After that, we've got other things lined up (our white board is overflowing).
  4. This gig is *critical* to our success in 2019.  We're looking for the right person to grow with ... good demeanor, able to flow and adjust as things often develop in real time, and rock solid ethics.
  5. Your deliverable to us is a Word document.
  6. Did we mention the whole don't miss a deadline thing?

What's next

The next step is for you to email us ( copies of the following:

  • resume
  • cover letter and
  • three writing samples directly pertaining to your work with educational or training subject matter

All of these documents are required to continue the interview process. If you direct us to another site to review your work, have a good day.

Please make sure to include your hourly billing rate.

About ESAD

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We’re a global-minded, innovative startup looking to drive positive change and solve social problems with the use of technology.

  • Committed to creating a world that works for everyone
  • On a mission to improve the online mental health care business using cutting edge technology
  • Operating with the strictest ethical and professional standards, ESAD's motivated to help individuals in need of mental health care therapy
  • We set a very high standard for ourselves and demand the same from our contracted team members
  • Consistently, we give back to our community

Ethics matter to us. A lot.

We are built on the old school principles of the golden rule, treating everyone with respect and dignity, and being accountable for our words and actions.

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