How long does it take?

If you find yourself needing an ESA housing letter in two days, you're going to need to look elsewhere.

We do not sell letters for a fee, nor can we provide "instant" letters.


Emotional support animal letters are issued after completion of all purchased sessions (indicating an active therapeutic relationship), and only to those with a verified need.

There is no guarantee of receiving an emotional support animal letter. Please take a moment to review our refund policy.


First appointments are usually set within five to eight business days. Sessions are scheduled a week or two apart, and rarely sooner.

We offer expedited appointments. An expedited appointment does not mean you will receive your letter sooner (see above).

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Chat online
or call +1-800-372-4125.

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Next, you'll complete our HIPAA-compliant intake assessment, which is based on WHODAS 2.0 and DASS-21.

3: Engage With an Expert.

HUD's 2020 guidance requires clinicians have active therapeutic care and personal knowledge when providing clients with reliable written verification of their disability-related benefit for an emotional support animal.