Vendor-Suggested Blacklist.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson requested the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigate websites that sell assistance animal medical verifications, aka “letters sold for a fee.” Documentation submitted on the basis of a single visit to a health care provider solely to obtain a “doctor’s note” will generally be rejected.

In addition to letters sold for a fee being banned, HUD recommends along with an ongoing treating relationship, the treating provider must have personal knowledge of the client's disability. Our good faith understanding of these Fair Housing principles calls into question many vendors in this market space.

HUD General Counsel Paul Compton states, “These websites are using questionable business practices that exploit consumers, prejudice the legal rights of individuals with disabilities, dupe landlords, and generally interfere with good faith efforts to comply with the requirements of the Fair Housing Act.”

Experts Speak Out About Certapet.

In an article published on his blog at the Psychology Today website, Western Carolina University emeritus professor of psychology Hal Herzog concluded, “There are a couple of ways you can get one of these letters. The wrong way is to purchase it from a bogus outfit like CertaPet. The right way, on the other hand, is to obtain an emotional support animal letter from the doctor or therapist who is treating you.”

Quick Tip to Avoid Running Into Problems.

Avoid the following:

  1. Registering your animal.
  2. Certificates of any kind.
  3. Letters sold for a fee.
  4. Instant anything, get an approval in minutes.
  5. Engaging in a single session/assessment.

The Vendor-Suggested Blacklist.

American Service PetsAmerican Service Pets"Over one million qualified."
Animal CompanionsAnimal Companions"Signed letter in less then 10 minutes."
CertapetCertapetSells $149 letters.
Chilhowee Psychological ServicesChilhowee Psychological ServicesAppears not to comply with HUD FHEO 2020 guidance.
Emotional Pet SupportEmotional Pet Support Sells $99 letters.
Emotional Support Animal centerEmotional Support Animal CenterSells certificates.
Emotional Support Animal CoEmotional Support Animal Co.Misleading information.
ESA LetterESA LetterSells $99 letter.
ESAAnimalsESA Amimals Sells $99 letters.
ESADoctors.comESA DoctorsSells $149 assessment.
ESARegistration.orgESA RegistrationSells "hassle free emotional support animal registration and supplies."
ExpressPetCertify.comExpress Pet Certify Sells $99 letters.
EZCareclinic.comEZ Care ClinicAppears not to comply with HUD FHEO 2020 guidance.
Federal Service Dog RegistrationFederal Service Dog RegistrationOffers free registration.
Free My PawsFree My Paws Sells ID cards.
GetESAGet ESASells $99 letters.
InstantESAInstant ESA Letters Pet registration, certificates, etc.
Mango ClinicMango ClinicAppears not to comply with HUD FHEO 2020 guidance.
Moosh MeMoosh MeMisleading information.
My ESA DoctorMyESADoctor Sells $98 letters.
NSARCO.comNSARCO National registry database.
OfficialServiceDogRegistry.comOfficial Service Dog Registry Sells "instant" registration letters.
OfficialServiceDogRegistry.comOfficial Service Dog RegistryDog registration.
Online DogtorOnline DogtorMisleading information.
PDS CenterPDS Center Sells $98 letters.
Pet Psych CenterPet Psych Center "Each questionnaire followed up with an opt-in call."
PrescribeMyPet.comPrescribe My Pet$45 prescription letters.
Real ESA LetterReal ESA LetterMisleading information.
Support Dog CertificatesService Dog Certification Misleading information.
Support PetsSupport Pets Misleading information.
Thedogtor.netThe DogtorInstant letters.
Therapypet.orgTherapy PetSells certificates.
Therapypet.orgTherapy PetAppears not to comply with HIPAA or HUD FHEO 2020 guidance.
TouchESA.comTouch ESAMisleading information.
United Support AnimalsUnited Support Animals"Official" ESA registration.
USA Service Dog RegistrationUSA Service Dog RegistrationWants to register your dog in three steps.
USA Service Dog RegistrationUSA Service Dog RegistrationWants to register your dog in three steps. Bogus.
USA Service DogsUSA Service Dogs#1 Online ESA registry.
USA Service DogsUSA Service Dogs#1 Online ESA registry. Bogus.
USDogRegistry.orgUS Dog RegistrySells certificates.
Waggy.petWaggy Misleading information.
Working Service DogWorking Service Dog Will "register" your assistance animal.