Hurricane Florence Preparedness Guide for Pets

When nature calls, and this time it’s Hurricane Florence on the horn, we’re hoping you have an exit plan that includes your whole family (along with your furry friends). Here’s a couple of tips we’ve found useful. If you have to go, what do you do with Fido? Maybe you can stash the pup with your friends, perhaps there’s a …

You want legitimate or cheap? You can't have both.

Legitimate or cheap ESA letter? You can’t have both.

We’ve shopped around and honestly would not buy an ESA letter from an online vendor. So, as you review our price list, please keep in mind: Our service focuses on the mental health assessment and therapeutic care of an individual, not “certifying a dog.” An ESA letter is based on one’s mental health care needs, not registering a dog. To …

Florida up with emotional support animal loophole

My community is fed up with the emotional support animal loophole used to get around the pet rules in our community. Most of us see it simply as fraud. Will this abuse ever stop or at least be curtailed