Doing business the old fashion way.

ESAD is a very high-tech company, employing cutting-edge software from Symantec, Amazon Web Services, and Stripe.  Our founder, Chaz Stevens, has deep roots in the IT field, working for IBM, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney World Company.

Around here, for the most part, usually “new” means better, but not always.

Even with all of that gadgetry at our disposal, we still employ several old-fashioned ways of doing business, that we believe, are (in some ways) superior to the new tech we use today.

Doing business the Old Fashioned Way builds the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor

We tend to do business with the people we know, like, and trust. It is worth your time to connect with people so they have the opportunity to learn more about you as a person, rather than as just someone offering them a product or a service.


Day in and day out we are told that, money equates to success, but to us success means a clean conscience and a piece of mind. Aristotle calls this eudaimonia, which loosely translates to: the good composed of all goods, an ability which suffices for living well, perfection in respect of virtue, resources sufficient for a living creature.

Answer the phone

Sure, texting can be a time-saver, and there are times that setting the office phone to “Do Not Disturb” will save us time. And we also recognize that those who grew up on email and the internet just don’t like talking on the phone.

However, when the phones rings, it means business, and someone really wants to talk to us. Communication can be more nuanced, there is less room for misunderstanding, and everyone is on the same page at the same time.

Send a handwritten note of thanks

Handwritten thank you notes are not just a thing of the past. While you might not see many these days, the cards you do send or receive will mean more than you’d ever think. Handwritten notes are a powerful way to send a message to a customer to thank them for doing business with your company.

Here at ESAD, we’ll go the extra mile to express our appreciation for a client’s business — to wit, the photo above was today’s batch of handwritten thank you notes.

Note: the top letter is not an actual client.

Humility and helping others

It was John Maxwell that said, “Do onto others what they can’t do for you.” My father would give money to his friends in need blindly, without expecting anything in return. You can always make more money, but the bond you create with a good friend, happens only once.

Authentic, genuine, and caring.

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