Lax Standards Allow For Beehive Service Animal

For years, we’ve been complaining about the vast array of scurrilous online vendors peddling bogus Emotional Support Animal products.

Case in point, meet David Keller of Prescott Arizona who recently registered a beehive as a trained service animal. Under Federal Law (Americans with Disability Act or ADA), service animals must be allowed entrance into businesses and other places that normally prohibit pets.

Keller visited USA Service Dog Registration, paid a few bucks, submitted a photo of a beehive, and voila! – the beehive is now listed as a trained service animal.

Due to the lack of a governing body supervising the licensing or labeling of service animals, Internet sites can issue fraudulent certification without verifying the animal’s ability to perform a task on queue.

Per U.S. law, only dogs and miniature horses can be service animals. Emotional support animals, which provide well-being, comfort, or companionship — therefore are not performing work or tasks — are not considered service animals.

Many states have civil penalties for fraudulently misrepresent a pet as a service animal.

ESAD Int’l strongly supports increased legislation aimed to prevent organizations like USA Service Dog Registration from selling meaningless products and services.

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