You want legitimate or cheap? You can't have both.

Legitimate or cheap ESA letter? You can’t have both.

We’ve shopped around and honestly would not buy an ESA letter from an online vendor. So, as you review our price list, please keep in mind:

  1. Our service focuses on the mental health assessment and therapeutic care of an individual, not “certifying a dog.” An ESA letter is based on one’s mental health care needs, not registering a dog.
  2. To combat the rising systemic tide of fraudulent online vendors, Federal and state ESA laws are dramatically tightening, making it more time-consuming and costlier for a consumer to acquire emotional support animal letters of recommendation.
  3. If you think you can spend $22 on “quality mental health care,” like those dirt cheap letters you can easily find online, we wish you the best of luck. Once you submit a bogus dirt-cheap letter readily found online, and that accommodation request is (rightly) denied, you just raised one heck of a big red flag — and one tough obstacle to overcome.

One way or the other.

You’re not buying a letter from us, you’re engaging with a licensed clinician who will clinically assess/treat your emotional support needs. And if that professional believes you’d benefit from having an assistance animal to help reduce the effects/symptoms of your disability, then the clinician would be able to issue the proper documents.

We’re not cheap, we understand — however, it takes zero talent to be the cheapest product on the market.  We have 900+ ESAD-certified clinicians across the globe, we’re fully HIPAA-compliant, our highly-trained experts are available live to answer your questions, so, in the end,  you will truly get what you pay for; one way or the other.

Whether we issue to you an ESA letter, a completed form, or both .. doesn’t change our process to assess your needs for the assistance animal.

We do it right.

We have rock-solid ethics, a great ethos, and amazing reviews.

In health.