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How to find a Weston, FL and Parkland, FL doctor who will recommend an emotional support animal (ESA)

ESAs, or Parkland Emotional Support Animals, are provided for by a licensed Weston, FL mental health professional to help treat people dealing with psychological or emotional disabilities. Under law, including the Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act, a qualified individual is allowed to travel with your Weston Emotional Support Animal in the main cabin. Additionally, an ESA recommendation …

Emotional Support Animal letter Sample – Travel

To comply with the Federal regulatory law that permits you to fly with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), a traveler must obtain specific documentation from a licensed mental health professional. While airlines are required to accommodate reasonable ESA requests, you must contact the airlines at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. The airline will likely request, and verify …

Airline Requirements for Traveling with an Emotional Support Dog

Airline Requirements for Traveling with an Emotional Support Dog

An ESA letter allows you to travel with your pet without incurring any additional costs or fees. However, certain airlines have additional compliance rules. The documentation should be given to the airline at least two days before the scheduled flight or else the emotional support animal would have to be checked into a kennel in the compartment during the flight. …

ESA Regulations and Rules

We can appreciate how tough it is to battle mental illness and thankfully, there are many different ways to undergo treatment. One emerging area of therapy is an emotional support animal (ESA).  Our staff has put together the following guide to the rules and regulations for emotional support animals. What is an Emotional Support Animal? An ESA is not considered …

Tricks, tips, and hacks for flying with a large ESA dog.

Tricks, tips, and hacks for flying with a large ESA dog.

If you’re planning to fly with a large emotional support animal (aka a dog), we’ve put together some tips to make your trip and life more enjoyable and less stressful. Before you arrive at the airport Call the airline After booking your flight, make sure to call the airline and let them know you’re traveling with a large ESA. Try …

Top notch.

To be honest, I was real apprehensive about this. I had studied for hours and looked at a lot of sites that have been known to be fake. I needed my emotional support animal to help me cope with life and I was ill thinking of all the possible issues I could face. They approved me and gave me the …

Review ESADoggy: Great.

My stress and anxiety was drastically lowered for travel with my yorkie. They processed my claim with less time than the 48 hour time window – amazing! The letter from the counselor was very well written and professional. I’ve already told many family and friends.

ESA Letters: What you need to read

Here's what you need to know to secure a legitimate emotional support animal letter.

How this works: In three easy steps, you'll place an order, take an online exam, and chat with a local licensed therapist. Here's a guide to how that works.

How to qualify: An emotional support animal is a type of assistance animal that is recognized as a “reasonable accommodation” for a person with a disability under the federal Fair Housing Act. Two different federal laws regulate emotional support animal letters. Here's how we go about qualifying clients.

Are we legitimate: Are you legitimate is one of the more common questions we answer, often asked by frustrated visitors who muddled thru the online riff-raff. Learn insider tips and tricks to avoid getting scammed.

Reviews: Check out our amazing authentic reviews are not by accident, as we provide extraordinary service to each and every client.

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Flying with a ESAD dog

We understand the stress about flying with your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for the first time. With that in mind, here are a few pointers to help you prepare. Before booking your flight, learn the airline’s specific requirements for ESA by contacting the airline or visiting their website. American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, and Jetblue may require advanced notice. Additionally, some …

Life Hack: Find a Florida cat friendly apartment!

It can be difficult finding a “cat-friendly” apartment. Cats are great emotional support animals, and according to Federal Law, an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) gets to live with their owners, even in “no-pet” apartments! Better yet, the apartment landlord cannot charge a pet deposit nor increase the rent for your ESA. ESA cats provide comfort and companionship, helping to reduce …