Stop Spoiling Emotional Support Animals For People Who Need Them

Stop Spoiling Emotional Support Animals For People Who Need Them

The friendly skies are about to get a lot less furry and fuzzy. This summer, several airlines including United, Delta and American began cracking down on passengers who seek to take advantage of the carriers’ loose rules regarding emotional support animals. That may frustrate the thousands of Americans who bend the system to fly with their pets. But it’s good news for those who care about maintaining and protecting the needed accommodations that make air transit possible for those people with serious mental and emotional health issues.

If you’ve flown anywhere recently, you’ve likely seen a dog in the aisle sporting an orange or yellow vest indicating it provides emotional support for a traveling human. But there’s also a good chance that that human simply bought the vest and letter of certification from a shady online business rather than obtaining it from a licensed mental health professional who conducted a thorough evaluation.

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