Emotional Animal Support Certified Real Estate Agent

Hiring the right real estate professional who has the expertise and experience to help you make informed decisions can make all the difference.

The ESAD Certified designation is for agents who are serious about and committed to serving the needs of individuals suffering from emotional disabilities.


Only agents that have demonstrated a required level of professionalism and success and who wish to enhance their presence in this community are in the network. ESAD Certified agents are held accountable to a high standard within the network as well as the standards of our Partners.

Why use ESAD Certified Real Estate Agents?

Here are a few reasons to choose an ESAD certified real estate agent:

  1. Real estate agents in our certified network receive specific assistance animal (ESA) training.
  2. Once the agent has been approved, the agent must complete ESAD Agent training annually
  3. ESASDoggy agents must have three (3) years experience successfully selling real estate full time
  4. Our agents are screened on an annual basis and must meet certain criteria in order to stay in our network

Are you an agent?

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