Our State Of The Assistance Animal Business Statement.

Top to bottom, the industry is rife with fraud.

The assistance animal industry is unfortunately rife with questionable business and therapeutic practices that exploit consumers, prejudice individuals with disabilities, dupe landlords, and generally ignore the Fair Housing Act.

ESAD Int’l founder Chaz Stevens notes, “Our clients often struggle with turbo-charged anxiety, so careful treading around them is helpful. Shame on those who put profit before person.”

“With bogus reviews bought from Fiverr and a SquareSpace template, it takes very little work to launch a digital domain that peddles crappy, red-flag inducing, bot-generated garbage letters auto-signed by a schlocky therapist located two timezones away. Take a look at Google, see who advertises in this market, and avoid ’em at all costs. It’s no wonder spammy operators hide their identities. I’d be embarrassed too, and worried about an FTC investigation.”

“On the other hand, I’m very proud of my role with Doggy; proud of our multi-national team, old-school values, and unwavering commitment to providing top-tier remote mental health care. Assistance animal documentation is just one prong of our revenue fork, as we supply a wide variety of other clinical care services.”

“Doggy has been a labor of love; going on six years now (our holding company started in ’96). We’re rated A+ flawless by the BBB, have amazing reviews, and operate with a world-class ethos. Our daily Herculean effort delivers remote ethical, compassionate, empathetic care that easily passes US and Canadian regulatory muster. Clients enjoy extraordinary 24/7 customer support, state of the art privacy protection for their financial and health information, and an extensive therapeutic network.”

“If you’re shopping for the cheapest letter in town, registering your animal, or getting a certificate … if you think fully HIPAA-compliant quality mental health care costs just $79 (my plumber charges $175 for 20 minutes), we wish you good luck with your counterfeit document. For visitors in financial need, we offer pro-bono assistance animal assessments.”