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The following is an actual email sent to us from an anonymous visitor,

"Your charges are way out of line for Texas Esa. Almost everyone on the internet and your charges are 3 times the normal fee for Texas ESA Certification."

Oh my gosh, where to start?

"I'm sorry, but we don't sell letters for a fee," we answered. "That's illegal now in many states. With us, you're purchasing clinical care time to have your disability-related need for an assistance animal assessed, verified, and treated. When appropriate, you will be issued an Emotional Support Animal letter of recommendation."

Looking for a cheap Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Let's cut to the chase - dodgy ESA letters and certificates are breaking laws left, right, and center. From HUD being majorly miffed over it all to airline companies getting peeved at this Wild West situation – everyone’s fed up with these malicious misdeeds!

Most Cheap ESA Letters Bought Online Are Problematic.

When it comes to getting ESA letter, you could opt for ill-gotten gains or pay a little extra and get the real deal.

The lowball prices often come at too high of a cost - putting both therapist and patient in danger with potential legal penalties! It all boils down to seeking out expertise over budget when searching for proper documentation verifying your need (or lack thereof) establishing an emotional support animal – not just any old document will do.

A process clearly outlined by HUD’s new rules.

HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, now requires clinicians to have personal knowledge of the client’s disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal that’s been developed thru an active treating relationship.

Waggy and other sites offering ultra-cheap Emotional Support Animal letters are a plague on the mental health industry - providing consumers with counterfeit documentation that devalues an ESA letter's true, clinical value. Not only does this scam come at no cost to them financially; it also costs people with disabilities their peace of mind and access to much needed support from trained professionals.