Values – What We Hold Dear.

We do no harm, and value our role in creating a better community for all.

Our clients suffer from emotional and physical disabilities, often with life stories that are horrible and haunting. So the last thing that we'd want to do is to make their situation worse, to pile more anxiety on top of an already sky-high stack, as they've come needing a helping hand.

Our helping hand.

We get what that means, and our rock-solid ethics and world-class ethos helps us manage the responsibility that comes along with helping those in need.

Every day, to the best of our ability, we follow HUD guidelines, strictly adhere to a multitude of state laws, and apply industry-accepted best practices.

Humility and helping others

It was John Maxwell that said, “Do onto others what they can’t do for you.” Our founder, Chaz Stevens agrees, "You can always make more money, but the bond you create with a good friend, happens only once."

Bogus Consumers, Clinicians, and Companies.

Conversely, this industry is rife with fraud and shady business practices. With this in mind, we will always rise in strong support of any regulation or legislation that supports the emotionally and physically disabled.