If you’ve been shopping online for emotional support animal services, you’ve likely been bombarded with offers to register your animal in a few hours, all for an amazingly low price.

Pro-tip: Just run, run away.

Have you checked out the reviews of those dirt-cheap vendors? You have one chance to get this right, and you don’t want to come out of the gate waving a red flag.

An emotional support animal letter of recommendation is based upon a clinical assessment of mental health. An ESA letter is not a certification for a dog, nor is it found at PetCo.

When shopping around, here’s a couple of questions to wonder:

  1. Do they have a local therapist who has received training and support regarding the Fair Housing Acts (FHEO 2013-01 in particular)?
  2. Are they properly guarding your mental health (HIPAA) and financial information?
  3. What are their policies, processes, and ethics?

If a decision maker buys a product based on price alone, it’s safe to say that’s not a very good choice. There’s a reason why low-cost providers are cheap — they also tend to be inferior. A week doesn’t go by when we’re called up to clean up the mess caused by other vendors — like the particularly egregious Florida-based website Waggy.

We can understand seeking a budget-friendly choice, and it’s always wise to evaluate your options. However, we warn you to tread lightly, because we frequently hear about letter acceptance, billing problems, and data privacy issues.

We don’t price match, as we’re competing against clearly inferior products. We know we’re expensive, but quality, authenticity, and reliability come with a price tag.

Simply put, we’re the best in this business, and you get what you pay for.