Verification of a Disability and Disability-Related Need for an Assistance Animal

HUD's 2020 guidance requires clinicians have active therapeutic care and personal knowledge when providing clients with reliable written verification of their disability-related benefit for an emotional support animal.

Fair Housing Act Mandated Clinical Care and Assessment

With your order:

  • Comprehensive intake exam.
  • Four secured video clinical care sessions with a licensed professional.
  • Clinical assessment of your “disability and disability-related need” for an assistance animal (cats and dogs only).

Video Sessions

Guided by Dr. Jeffrey Younggren’s Assessment Model, clinicians will typically:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the individual requesting an emotional support animal certification in order to establish a disability and disability-related need.
  • Evaluation of malingering.
  • Consider if the animal in question is capable of performing the functions of an emotional support animal.
  • Assess the interaction of the client with the animal to determine whether the animal’s presence has a demonstrably beneficial effect on the patient.