Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing

This service is provided by a ESAD-certified licensed mental health care professional offering an emotional support animal letter for housing to those genuinely in need.

If your dog or cat helps ease your emotional disability, then you’re likely eligible for an emotional support animal letter for housing which requires landlords to waive their “pet rules.”

If you have an emotional or mental disability and your pet helps mitigate the symptoms, then you may be entitled to:

  • bring your animal into any kind of housing, even those with “no pets” policies
  • will not be required to pay any extra fees for your ESA
  • nor have a weight or breed restriction imposed

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing – How This Works

This service includes (via phone or video call) a comprehensive mental health assessment with a local, licensed mental health care professional. For those who qualify, the proper ESA documentation that conforms with all Federal law will be issued.

Take a moment to learn how our ESA approval process works, who is approved, and how long it takes. While you’re at it, take a look at our amazing reviews and our perfected ESA letter.

An Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing Includes

  • Live therapeutic assessment via telephone or video call
  • Letter is issued by a licensed mental health care therapist on their letterhead
  • Letter is hand-signed and not form-generated (typically required by housing providers)
  • Therapist is located in your city/state/province
  • Regularly updated


  1. Attention Florida residents, as of July 2019, the state of Florida will be revising ESA laws.
  2. Many landlords now require a “therapeutic relationship” between client and clinician. This service, when purchased alone, does not constitute such a relationship. Sessions can be added after purchase.
  3. Only one emotional support animal is included. If you require a second assistance animal, an additional fee will apply.
  4. If you are qualifying a banned breed, you must select the option below, as an expanded assessment is required.


Fair Housing Amendments Act

The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 requires property managers and landlords to make a reasonable accommodation (a change in the rules) to permit an emotionally disabled handler to keep an emotional support animal (ESA). That doesn’t mean they won’t inadvertently or intentionally break the law and deny a disabled person the right to have an ESA, however.

Violations of the FHA

Any company who makes an arbitrary decision without foundation and approval from the U.S. Justice Department is in violation of federal law, and we cannot guarantee that any public entity, airline company, or property manager will not willfully or inadvertently break federal law as it regards emotional support animals. Everyone knows that it is illegal to steal a car, but the car thief will continue stealing until he is caught and prosecuted.


I need a reasonable accommodation form.

Many landlords require tenants to submit a “reasonable accommodation form.” Each form is unique — some are simple affairs, others not so. Often, we encounter questions that, in our opinion, are likely discriminatory.

Are your letters legit?

Our letters are contain every element required by law and are fully compatible with the latest Federal and air carrier guidelines.

Is your ESA letter acceptable to my landlord?

Thanks to the Federal Fair Housing Act, with few exceptions, any person recommended for an ESA letter must be offered reasonable accommodations. Our ESA letter will allow you to bypass size/size restrictions, and avoid additional pet security deposits. However, you are still responsible for your pet’s behavior; the ESA letter will not absolve you from any damages caused by your animal.

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