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Occasionally, folks with ESA letters in hand run into a headwind, encountering push back from their landlord (lawyers) -- and here's how that problem usually arrives on our doorstep (a case that just happened):

Client: The college turned down my daughter's request for reasonable accommodation. What's the next step?

The 2018 Housing Landscape

Let's take a moment and review the current ESA housing landscape (a rocky road thanks in no small part to "ethically flexible" online vendors).

In 2018, property owners, their lawyers, and the Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) are scrutinizing emotional support animal letters, ensuring their legitimacy; in particular, under close study is the client/therapist relationship.

When queried by property-owners — and querying is becoming a general rule of thumb — many emotional support animal letters are now denied due to the letter’s lack of reliability.

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So, if a individual did "all the rights things" -- had an assessment conducted by a local therapist and began to engage in therapeutic sessions, with sessions planned in the future -- what happens when the housing provider tells them "no way."

While there are no guarantees in life*, we've created a possible pathway forward, something between being turned down for housing and filing a federal discrimination complaint.

Fair Housing Services

Review overall housing situation
Answer to concerns
Single Email Response
Single Email Response with a licensed attorney
15-minute Skype or telephone call with our fair housing advocate
30-minute Skype or telephone call with our fair housing advocate
Complete Q&A
Provide an accommodation request guidebook
Offer quick analysis and suggestions
Prepare email for landlord
Help prepare HUD discrimination complaint
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