ESA Letter Review


Property managers and landlords are seeing an increase in the number of applicants requesting accommodations for their emotional support animal or service dog.

Unfortunately, all sorts of fake letters and certificates can be easily (and cheaply) bought on the Internet; most of which will quickly fail a landlord's verification for "document reliability."

So, how do you know if an ESA letter is legitimate and not fake?

ESAD ESA Letter Screening

Our letter verification service will evaluate:

  • Source “reliability”: psychologist, psychiatrist, LCSW, or online purchase
  • Disability verification
  • Disability-related need verification
  • Accommodation requested
  • Financial & administrative burden
  • Direct threat to health & safety
  • Risk of substantial physical damage

Our critical feedback will help a rental or HOA community take the appropriate next steps in the interactive dialogue process.

How Would We Know

Our team has filed several hundred fair housing complaints against properties violating the Fair Housing Act.

As a result of our experience defending consumers’ rights, we have become experts in the fair housing complaint process. We understand the complete fair housing investigation cycle from complaint submission through investigation, negotiations, and settlement.

NOTE: Our analysis focuses solely on the merits of the “ESA Letter” itself and does not take into account other information and documents. Our goal is to provide the best analytical review; we focus on the elements HUD requires to verify a bonafide need for an assistance animal. We do not qualify applicants to rent/lease housing.

How this works

  1. Place an order.
  2. You'll securely upload your documentations onto our server.
  3. A fair housing expert will review your documentation.
  4. You'll receive a response with our fair housing expert. The response will be limited in scope and will not contain any legal recommendations or advice.

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