Emotional Support Animal Letter For Travel

Our emotional support animal letter for travel service includes a comprehensive mental health intake with a local, licensed mental health care professional, and an ESA travel letters (and airline forms) for those that qualify.

Thanks to the emotional support peacock, squirrel, and snake, traveling by air with your emotional support animal has become more time-consuming and more expensive. US airlines now require mental health care providers to certify the passenger is currently undergoing professional care for ongoing treatment regarding a mental health-related disability.

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Travel

Most airlines follow American Airlines‘ emotional support animal letter for travel documentation validation which includes “contacting your mental health professional.” Given our total compliance with federal HIPAA data privacy guidelines, unless a passenger/client purchases the additional airline verification service, our clinicians cannot legally answer any airline queries.

Doing business the ESAD way

Since 2015, thanks to our rigid protocols and adherence to the strictest ethics in the business, we’ve never had a single emotional support animal letter for travel rejected.


2019 US / Canada ESA Airline Travel Requirements

  • One emotional support animal per person
  • Animal must be clean and well-behaved
  • Animals must be able to fit at your feet, under your seat or in your lap (lap animals must be smaller than a 2-year old child)
  • If the animal is in a kennel, it must fit under the seat in front of you with the animal in it

Emotional support animals cannot:

  • be seated in an exit row
  • protrude into or block aisles
  • occupy a seat
  • eat from tray tables

If your animal doesn’t fit within the allowed spaces, you may need to:

  • rebook on a flight with more open seats
  • buy a ticket for the animal
  • transport the animal as a checked pet

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Travel Includes

  • Live therapeutic assessment via telephone or video call
  • Letter is issued by a licensed mental health care therapist on their letterhead
  • Two (2) signed airline travel forms
  • 30-minute psychotherapy session
  • Contains every written element and requirement demanded under law
  • Therapist is located in your city, state, or province
  • Our letter has never been rejected by any airline
  • Regularly updated
  • Fully complies will all recent changes to US federal law and guidelines


  1. Read: 2019 updated US/Canada airline travel requirements.
  2. The assessment and session will typically last 40-50 minutes, and can be one in one appointment.
  3. Without an emotional support animal letter for travel, airlines typically charge $150 each way for your pet.
  4. Additionally, airlines are regularly updating the travel requirements, so please check with your airline.
  5. Only two signed airline forms per order. Additional forms are available (certain fees will apply).
  6. You can learn more about our assessment process here.

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Travel Requirements

Are your letters legit?

Our emotional support animal letters for travel are contain every element required by law and are fully compatible with the latest Federal and air carrier guidelines.

Are airlines enforcing stricter criteria for ESAs?

Airlines are now requiring passengers to be under the therapist’s care and treatment. That immediately rules out “assessments only.” Clients purchasing our travel letters and need a signed airline travel form are required to purchase a 30-minute session. In that session, a therapist will delve into the reason why the client/passenger needs the animal’s assistance.

Airline verification, which has been increasing, requires the client/passenger to provide written HIPAA-waiver allowing our therapist to discuss PHI with a third-party.


Can I bring my ESA to hotels?

The law does not require hotels, restaurants, trains, and buses to accept emotional support animals on their premises but you could call them ahead of your trip and ask about their policy.

Some establishments are open to receiving emotional support animals at their discretion.

Tell me about those signed airline forms.

US airlines requires mental health care providers to certify (a) they’re currently treating the passenger’s emotional disability and (b) the passenger is under their current and ongoing professional care.

Do you guarantee all domestic airlines will accept your emotional support animal letter for travel?

No, unfortunately not.

The Air Carrier Access Act 49 U.S.C. 41705 and Dept of Transportation 14 C.F.R. Part 382 requires airlines to allow a disabled person to be accompanied by their ESA in the cabin of the aircraft and not be charged a fee. Airline companies are allowed to require the disabled passenger to present a treatment recommendation letter from a licensed mental health professional to bring the ESA on board. Several airline companies have been sued and forced to change their practices over the years for arbitrarily electing to discriminate against disabled passengers.

We cannot guarantee that any public entity, airline company, or property manager will not willfully or inadvertently break federal law as it regards emotional support animals. Everyone knows that it is illegal to steal a car, but the car thief will continue stealing until he is caught and prosecuted.

If the airlines calls your office to verify the emotional support animal letter for travel and confirm that the therapist is appropriately licensed, do you answer those calls?


Unless there’s a signed HIPAA waiver allowing discussions with a third-party, we’ll never share your information with anyone.