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Updated July 15, 2021.

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Every order comes with an ESA or PSD ID card, collar tag, and leash.

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We have heard the heart-rending stories of terrible trauma that can make the world a minefield. And we understand how having a furry friend by your side can make that world easier to navigate. So, our specialty is making the process of getting your United States Emotional Support Animal in the door of your new apartment, or by your side as you travel as uncomplicated and worry-free as possible.

Our extensive network of licensed, accredited, and truly exceptional clinicians use animal-assisted therapy to help you deal with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and more.

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An Emotional Support Animal in the United States is a “reasonable accommodation” for a person with a disability under HUD's Fair Housing Act (FHA). An Emotional Support Animal is not a pet, rather it is a companion animal that provides therapeutic benefit to an individual with a disability which significantly limits a person’s major life activities.

Available for dogs, cats, and common household pets, with no breed, size or weight restrictions.

We Have Therapists Throughout the United States.

We will connect you with a licensed clinical team member who practices and resides in the state of United States to assess your "disability and disability-related need" for an assistance animal. Disabilities, or functional limitations, include any mental or psychological disorder, such as intellectual disability, emotional or mental illness, and specific learning disabilities, including:

  • seeing
  • hearing
  • walking
  • breathing
  • performing manual tasks
  • caring for one’s self
  • learning
  • speaking
  • working
  • sleep
  • concentration
  • social interaction
  • and focus

Your College Emotional Support Animal Housing Experts.

Adjusting to the lifestyle can be difficult, and perhaps you're looking to qualify for an Emotional Support Animal letter. With the pressure with classes and tests, not to mention being away from home -- friends, family, and your furry companion who've you had for years, this might be the right answer.

Although many schools have relaxed policies on pet bans in recent years, many remain adamant about allowing students to bring animals on campus. Contrast to those in the mental health care business who have been advocating for the benefits provided by your Emotional Support Animal.

College students seeking on-campus housing accommodations should click here.

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Since 2015, we are your trusted source for Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dog letters of recommendation.

What's Inside Our Letters.

  • Recognition that you are a patient on a case-by-case basis under a licensed mental health professional’s care for mental or emotional disabilities.
  • Verification that you are significantly limited by an individual disability, such as depression or a similar condition, affecting your mental well-being.
  • United States Emotional Support Animal letter of recommendation.

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Disability Verification

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Are you facing unexpected changes and losses and struggling to cope?

Housing Discrimination

Our free service matches you with nearby ESA housing discrimination lawyers.

How does ESAD Int'l protect my privacy?

Your privacy is our top concern. We’re a HIPAA-compliant online behavioral care office, which means we follow the same privacy laws as a brick and mortar office. ESADoggy just simplifies the experience by delivering exceptional mental health care on your terms.

ESAD Int'l offers virtual appointments with licensed professionals in the United States that are completely separate from your employer and insurer. So you can find the help you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Offering Pro-Bono Assessments To Those In Need.

The assistance animal industry is rife with questionable business practices exploiting consumers, prejudicing the legal rights of individuals with disabilities, duping landlords, and generally interfering with good faith efforts to comply with the Fair Housing Act.

Says founder Chaz Stevens, "clients come to us burdened with turbo-charged anxiety, so why make their life worse?"

"Sure, anyone can string up a website peddling crappy, red-flag inducing, bot-generated garbage letters auto-signed by a schlocky therapist - just look at the first page of Google. It's no wonder why owners of those spammie websites go out of their way to hide their identities."

"I'm proud my name is all over Doggy. This is a labor of love; going on six years now, not a single complaint, rated BBB A+ flawless, amazing reviews, all operated with world-class ethics. It takes a Herculean effort to deliver remote ethical, compassionate, empathetic care that passes regulatory muster."

"Our clients enjoy amazing 24/7 customer support, state of the art data privacy protection, and an extensive therapeutic network."

"And for those shopping for the cheapest deal in town, if you think an hour+ of quality health care costs $79, we wish you good luck. For those in financial need, we offer pro-bono assistance animal assessments, so there's that also."

Getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing.

No dog? No Cat? No Problem.

If you've not yet secured your assistance animal, but need documentation before hand, not a problem, we've got you covered.

Our clinicians are evaluating your disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal, regardless if you have a furry friend by your side or not. After you find your new furry friend, we can update your letter to include the animal's information.

Getting a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter For Air Travel.

Emotional support animals have been banned (Jan. 2021) from air travel. However, psychiatric service dogs enable clients to fly with their dog by their side with no pet fees. Psychiatric service dogs (PSD) are canines specifically trained to support individuals diagnosed with a mental illness by easing symptoms caused by mental disability(s). Please remember that a PSD recommendation is contingent on your animal being trained to do work or tasks to assist with your disability, and trained to properly behave in public.

e ADA allows owners (US travelers only) to self-train their PSDs, so if this describes your situation, with your PSD letter in hand, you are good to go.

Learn more about psychiatric service dogs.

Before placing an order, please verify that we have active clinical coverage in your state/province.