Emotional Support Animal Letter

Can’t live without Fido or Fluffy? ESAD can get you an emotional support animal letter that allows you to live and travel with your emotional support animal quickly. And it can be done entirely online.

Make an appointment with us and you could have a completely legitimate and legally binding emotional support animal letter the very same day.

Start with an online application and soon you will have documents that give you the right to have your animal with you when you travel and where you live, even if you rent.

For those that qualify, an emotional support animal letter enables the animal’s owner to keep their furry companion around to help manage anxiety, stress, and emotional disabilities.

Emotional Support Animal Housing Letters.

If your dog or cat helps ease your emotional disability, then you’re likely eligible for an emotional support animal letter for housing which requires landlords to waive their “pet rules.”

It’s only a matter of getting the right documentation in consultation with a state-certified clinician.

Emotional Support Animal Travel Letters.

Across the United States, Canada, and around the globe, our therapeutic network of clinicians provide emotional support animal letters for travel that fully comply with all legal and airline requirements.

Qualifying for an emotional support animal letter is simple, quick, and safe.

If you’re thinking about obtaining an emotional support animal letter, here are a few things to consider if you are doing it on your own:

  • You need to locate a qualified mental health professional who will recommend an emotional support animal
  • Not all letters are the same, especially for housing. Is your provider up to date on Fair Housing Act requirements?
  • You’ll likely need to visit your therapist in person. If they’re in another town, that could eat up the entire day.
  • Are you ready to answer intimate questions in front of a complete stranger?
  • Consultations can run upwards of $350 for a single session.
  • You may need to have return visits, with no guarantee an ESA letter will eventually be approved
  • Paperwork can sometimes take up to two weeks to complete. Meanwhile, your legal rights will remain in limbo.

Emotional Support Animal Letters.

Same business day and fully guaranteed.*

Fortunately, ESAD has streamlined the process and getting a genuine emotional support animal letter is simple! Place an order, take an exam, and speak with a local clinician. Therapeutic sessions are available.

Enjoy same day and Saturday service, amazing client care, and complete protection of your mental health and financial transaction information.

We have global Emotional Support Animal Letter services.

Over 900 ESA-certified therapists worldwide offering a wide variety of services, including full continuum of care. Call us today to learn more.

Don’t Buy An ESA Letter Until You Read This‎.

Some estimate that at least one-quarter of Americans have some of the conditions that emotional support animals can improve. Tell us about how your animal helps with your condition and improves your symptoms. It is highly likely that you qualify.

Increasingly, mental health experts agree that having an emotional support animal is a kind of medicine that helps humans cope with certain medical conditions. And the law recognizes that.

There are dozens of different mental health conditions that emotional support animals help improve, among them:

  • Anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder
  • Autism
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia
  • Insomnia
  • Learning disorders

Does my animal have to register as an emotional support animal?

Unlike seeing-eye dogs, or service animals, there is no registry for emotional support animals, and there is no specialized training required to qualify as an emotional support animal. By definition, emotional support animals are there for you when you need it. Seeing-eye dogs and service animals, however, are registered, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If there’s no registry, why do you need a letter?

You need a medical professional to document the conditions that your emotional support animal alleviates to qualify for the protections that the law offers for people who need it. Only a letter from a state-licensed clinician or doctor can render an opinion that holds weight with the courts, and therefore landlords and travel accommodations.

It’s a scam if they say they can “register” your animal online.

Our letters are the genuine article: Emotional support animal letters from state-licensed doctors or clinicians that hold up to scrutiny and can be defended in court as protecting you from illegal discrimination.

ESA letters are good for just one year, however. You need to get one every year to keep the document’s current.

So, how do I get a letter that qualifies Fluffy or Fido as an emotional support animal?

When shopping around, ask these questions:

  • How close is my therapist?
  • How many times will we interact?
  • Will we actually speak via phone/video call?
  • Do they offer therapeutic sessions?

Locality (“geographically desirable”), interaction, the total number of sessions, and calendar of events form the basis of a therapeutic relationship.

We understand HUD likes to apply a “reasonableness standard.” Does the therapeutic relationship make sense? Is it logical? For example, why would a Buffalo, N.Y. therapist be writing an ESA letter of recommendation for a Long Island client? Or why is a Hawaii radiologist writing letters for Chicago clients (no really, that’s a thing).

Pro-tip: Avoid websites selling “ESA products.” If they’re peddling leashes, they’re probably peddling junk all across the board.

How do I know that this is legal?

Two main federal laws apply to ESAs: the Air Carrier Access Act, and the Fair Housing Act. Our emotional support animal letters are legally compliant and recommended by mental health professionals.

What kind of Licensed Mental Health Professional will sign my letter?

All of our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are fully qualified and legally allowed to approve ESA letters.

What does the letter look like?

Your ESA letter is recommended by a licensed mental health professional. The letter will come on the professional letterhead of the licensed mental health professional and have everything legally needed for an ESA recommendation within the body of the letter, including their license number and contact information.

How do I submit my ESA letter to a landlord or airline?

  • You can print out your PDF, or use the one you’ll get in the mail.
  • We strongly recommend that you present the housing letter to your landlord in-person.
  • For airlines, make sure to call at least 48 hours before departure.

What rights do I get with an ESA letter?

Your rights depend on which ESA letter you applied for.

The Housing ESA letter entitles you to qualify for no-pet housing (in apartments with more than 4 units and houses where the landlord owns multiple properties). This means that even if an apartment is listed as not allowing pets, you are legally pr to have one.

You also won’t have to pay a pet deposit and can’t be charged a pet fee by the owner.

With the travel letter you will also be able to fly with your pet in the cabin with no additional fee.

Additional Questions

Do I need to use an ESA registration site?

No, that’s not a legal requirement for an ESA.

Will I need additional accessories like vests and an ID card?

Again no, not a legal requirement.