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[JULY 2020 UPDATE] San Francisco, California Emotional Support Animal Letter for Housing

Updated July 10, 2020.
We have licensed providers serving San Francisco, and throughout California.

new ESA rulesQualifying for a San Francisco, California Emotional Support Animal.

Typically cats and dogs, through their companion and affection, a San Francisco, California ESA helps to lessen the symptoms of a mental disability. Governed by various Federal laws, FHA and ACAA, a San Francisco, California Emotional Support Animal requires no formal training (unlike a service dog).

A legitimate ESA letter isn't something you get off the shelves of your local Petco. This isn't a certificate, a leash, a harness, none of that.

Sure, you can save a few bucks and take a chance on bogus products that are likely to raise red flags along with your blood pressure. But keep in mind, HUD is cracking down, the airlines are cracking down, landlords also -- and all with good reason. So, don’t take a chance with subpar products because they cost less. We’re earned our reviews with hard work, compassionate care, and doing everything by the book.

Whatever decision you make, we wish you all the best and good health.

Get a San Francisco, California Emotional Support Animal.

The new rules are an update to the Fair Housing Act (FHA) that sought to equalize the ability of people with disabilities to enjoy housing. Under the law, housing providers had to exempt those with disabilities from “no pet” rules and pet fees. But some of the gaps in the rules have been abused by those simply trying to bypass pet rules and fees. Others who are providing the letters have exploited uneducated consumers.

Some in the industry are applauding the new restrictions.

“Twenty-two dollar documents, deceitful business practices, unlicensed and unethical therapists, pets becoming service animals by clicking ‘submit’ — I see it every day,” said Chaz Stevens, CEO and founder of ESAD Int'l., which offers emotional support animal letters worldwide. He’s concerned the fake operators will undermine the legitimacy of a vital service, a lifeline, really, for the truly disabled who legitimately need accommodations.

“It’s about time Uncle Sam sent in the cavalry,” he added.

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How This Works.

An emotional support animal is a type of assistance animal that is recognized as a “reasonable accommodation” for a person with a disability under the federal Fair Housing Act.

Getting qualified for an assistance animal is as simple as 1-2-3.

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