Housing Letter Emotional Support Animal


Like your medical checkup, Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dog letters of recommendation must be reissued after expiration.

  1. Letters are valid for twelve months.
  2. Receiving an Emotional Support Animal letter is not guaranteed. You’re purchasing clinical care time to assess and verify your disability-related need for an assistance animal. When appropriate, you’re issued an Emotional Support Animal letter of recommendation.

Annual process.

Our process from year to year is the same, unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

Housing providers may have the right to ask for a regularly updated Emotional Support Animal letter. Outdated letters may result in the rejection of your animal's ESA status, possibly resulting in an accommodation denial.

In the end, without a valid Emotional Support Animal letter, your animal loses its protections granted under Federal law, which can result in lots of embarrassment and hassle for you.

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  • Comprehensive mental/medical health intake exam.
  • Therapeutic care session.
  • Renewed Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service Dog letter of recommendation.
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