Emotional Support Animal Registration

Emotional Support Animal Registration Is A Scam.

Are you the proud owner of an emotional support animal registration?

“Why yes,” you said. “I just visited USARegisterFido and registered my emotional support dog! Now I get to take him around town with me!”

Didn’t that seem even remotely suspicious?

“You just got scammed,” we’re sorry to say, “you’ve been duped. In many states across the US, if you use an Emotional Support Animal registration (pictured above) as proof of your disability, that can land you in jail.”

Emotional Support Animal Registration.

A quick trip around the Internet reveals many companies offering unnecessary Emotional Support Animal registrations, providing “an official document” after completion of a simple online form and payment.

As HUD General Counsel Paul Compton states, “These websites are using questionable business practices that exploit consumers, prejudice the legal rights of individuals with disabilities, dupe landlords, and generally interfere with good faith efforts to comply with the requirements of the Fair Housing Act.”

Unwitting consumers do not realize that these practices are illegitimate, while ethically flexible individuals hope to save a few bucks on pet fees and animal deposits.

Bogus Online Emotional Support Animal Registration.

Your rescue animal, saved from the pits of hell, with zero professional training does not magically transform into a “service animal” merely because you spent $100 buying various knick-knacks from the Internet. I mean, you’ve got that certificate from a “national service animal registry!”

According to one popular website, “By registering your service animal or emotional support animal in our registry and having proper credentials, 99% of businesses won’t even bother asking you about your service animal.”

Bogus. Totally bogus.

Avoid Problems.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson requested the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigate websites that sell assistance animal medical verifications, aka “letters sold for a fee.”

The dangers of buying counterfeit emotional support animal letters aren’t always obvious. There are economic impacts, legal implications, and other risks that are important for you to know before making a purchase. Counterfeiters don’t care about your well-being. They just want to make a profit.

Note: That is an actual registration purchased in June of 2020. For privacy purposes, we've altered the information.

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