Reviewing your ESA letter

There are A LOT of horribly written ESA letters out there. We've shopped them, our clients and visitors to our site have sent them to us, and we've spent the last two years giving them the once-over.

In a word, they're bad.

Really bad.

In fact, I'm willing to bet if you're reading this article, you likely have concerns about your ESA documentation.

Unfortunately, there's an excellent chance your letter is like the majority we've seen -- categorically not in compliance with Federal Law and airline guidelines, and if challenged, you'll be denied reasonable accommodation.

And you should expect to be challenged, that is the nature of ESA letters in 2018 and beyond.

Letters in the wild.

Personally, I place much of the blame on the laziness of your therapist and ESA vendor.  You see, the most of letters we've reviewed use the same template that's readily found online. And guess what? That template might have been the "Wonka Golden Ticket" back in the day, but that day has long come and gone -- thanks in no small part to a peacock on the airplane, a dog chewing off a passenger's face, and the Emotional Support Squirrel.


Did you speak with your therapist? Did they engage you in a telephonic or video conference call (or three)? Were you offered after-care? 

Or, like 9/10 therapists and online vendors, did they just take your money, never speak to you, merely hand you a poorly written letter, and then wish you a good day.

Not on our watch.

That's not how we do business around here. We are genuinely motivated to do the right thing. We spend lots of time training our therapists on HUD guidelines and the what-not.

At ESADoggy, we offer a web-based service that allows visitors (aka you) to submit their Emotional Support Animal letter, where it's reviewed by a team member. We'll gladly take a look, and reply back with our thoughts, but don't hate us if we come back with bad news.

Don't raise a red flag.

The point here ... don't submit lousy paperwork before it's too late.

If you want to have your letter reviewed and receive a 20% discount on your order (specific terms and conditions apply), then click the button below.

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