Introducing ESADefender Services, for discerning individuals seeking the ultimate protection for their emotional support animal. Our ESADefender products were designed with your needs in mind, including the most important benefit of all – peace of mind.

ESADefender is a one-of-a-kind product, built in response to the flurry of ESA vests, ID cards, certificates, registration, along with “doctor recommended instant letters,” and other deceptive products readily available across the Internet.

Everything you’d ever need

From an expedited assessment to the drafting of a perfect ESA letter (that’s notarized and sent 2-day overnight to you), to caring compassionate therapeutic sessions that establishes a therapist/client relationship, to combating a landlord who is discriminating against your disability, ESADefender is unlike anything else on the planet.

Everything you’ll ever need for the ultimate protection of your emotional support animal. All carefully managed by our personalized, concierge service.


What's inside ESADefender