Rescue Project

Your purchase helps fund the rescue of dogs currently at NYC high kill shelters and provide them with medical care, food, supplies and a temporary place to stay until their forever home is found.

Rescue: Blue

Pledge: $250

Status: tbk

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Pictures and banners are courtesy of Savings NYC Dogs and others.

ABANDONED WITH NO FOOD FOR A MONTH IN AN APARTMENT, poor boy Blue was brought to the ACC by his owner’s relative, his ribs sticking out, and so, so hungry. He ate whatever he could, as evidenced by the plastic and bits of the dry wall in his stool. The next day, an Adidas logo came out of him.

What’s next ?

In spite of going through hell, Blue still is in good spirits, super friendly and super sweet to everyone he meets. He’s just happy to be alive! Please let’s help Blue find a good home and help him forget the harrowing experience he’s been through! Please advocate for Blue!