Rescue Project

Your purchase helps fund the rescue of dogs currently at NYC high kill shelters and provide them with medical care, food, supplies and a temporary place to stay until their forever home is found.

Rescue: Boss

Pledge: $100

Status: Pulled

CUTE LABBY MIX BOSS NEEDS A HERO ❤ Who's The BOSS? This Puppy Is! Used As A Greeter Dog! This 1-Year Old Boy Needs You at BACC! A volunteer writes: I'm in puppy love! Each time I spend time with 1-year-old Boss, I grow fonder and fonder of him. And it's easy to see why! Every part of him is gorgeous from his almond-shaped eyes to his long, lab-like ears. When we offer him a slice of watermelon he wags curiously, takes a good sniff, and dives right in! Then he nibbles his way towards the rind adorably, glancing up between bites for approval, and I swear you can hear him make little "nom nom nom" noises. Boss joined us at the Care Center after his owner died. At his young age, he is energetic and still has some things to learn, like house and crate training, but we think this smart boy will catch on fast with consistency. He would benefit from an adopter with some experience to show him the ropes. Boss has also done well with other dogs in playgroups at the shelter. Meet Boss today by making an appointment at the Brooklyn ACC!

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Pictures and banners are courtesy of Savings NYC Dogs and others.