Rescue Project

Your purchase helps fund the rescue of dogs currently at NYC high kill shelters and provide them with medical care, food, supplies and a temporary place to stay until their forever home is found.

Rescue: Chula

Pledge: $50

Status: Pulled by rescue.

Chula is an elegant beauty, a young and refined doggie of only 2 years old who finds herself homeless due to no fault of her own. She sits with poise. making it difficult not to notice her apparent natural beauty. Her photo also shows she is very smart, astute and maturely behaved. She is a very loyal girl, and bonds tightly to the ones she loves. She does not have a bite history, but has had the misfortune of being bit by a large dog and now defensive toward dogs as a result. At the shelter she appears fearful of dogs and avoids them. Who can judge her for that? Her prior home remarked that once she befriends someone, she is truly outstanding. She will play with toys respectfully, loves to go on adventures, knows a few commands, respectful in the home, and prefers to be near her loved ones. Chula is a very good girl, has her whole life ahead of her, and clearly confused as to why her prior home betrayed her when she was sure she was part of the family forever. Dogs only understand the concept of love and loyalty as existing forever. We are confident Chula will open and devote her heart to a new loving and kind home, one where she will be allowed to decompress and process her reality,and feel security in exchange for a lifetime of love, loyalty and confidence. Message our page if you would like to save this pretty young lady.

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Pictures and banners are courtesy of Savings NYC Dogs and others.