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Our Manhattan ACC brindled boys can’t seem to catch...a break!

7 year-old King was surrendered to the shelter back in July when his person was forced to move out of state. He found a foster family in August but after some tummy trouble that sent him to VEG (thankfully he’s now a-OK), they were unable to continue caring for King, and he’s been back at the shelter since the start of this month.

I first met King in between all that, and while I was immediately taken by his inarguable handsomeness - that coat! Those eyes those earsies! And the perfect size at just 50 pounds - I found him to be a bit shy particularly when it came to the camera. Making capturing all that beauty a difficult task.

Well King is shy no more. And despite the bumpy road he’s encountered he’s ready to play at a moment’s notice and even shed his fear of the camera.

The shelter thinks he might do best in an adult-only home due to some reported guarding by his previous family. And someone with lots toys and a good fetch game might be his preference too.

Brindles have the second toughest time getting picked at the shelter. And while I think 7 is the perfect age, King isn’t a puppy or a senior to tug hearts. But he’s definitely tugged mine, as well as all those who’ve come to know him. He is a “catch.” Through and through. Come give King a chance today.