Rescue Project

Your purchase helps fund the rescue of dogs currently at NYC high kill shelters and provide them with medical care, food, supplies and a temporary place to stay until their forever home is found.

Rescue: Metcalf

Pledge: $150

Status: Pulled

PLAYFUL, LOVES MEETING NEW DOGGY FRIENDS, FULL OF LIFE! This young handsome boy is being judged unfairly because he was freaked out at the ACC. What can a dog do when he thinks he is in danger, surrounded by crying dogs and strange people, not to mention the atmosphere of fear pervading at the pound? Yet he has realized that there are friends to be made, that he can make some good out of the bad situation he is in. Metcalf has warmed up nicely, leaning on his favorite handlers, even good enough to be taken to the park for walks! Please please let’s help friendly handsome Metcalf to get out alive by sharing him, advocating for him! Please share!

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