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Your purchase helps fund the rescue of dogs currently at NYC high kill shelters and provide them with medical care, food, supplies and a temporary place to stay until their forever home is found.


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All 13 years of his life, loyal boy Prince thought he was a member of his human family. And why not? Prince was a baby then and he had a 5 yr old human sibling whom he grew up with. He even lived with a cat for 3 years! One tragic day, his humans got into an altercation, and what would a responsible family member do? This loyal boy got into the middle of it and tried to stop the fight. That’s what dogs do in a pack and that’s what humans do when there’s a fight in the family. Prince tried to stop the fight the only way he knows, and to protect the person he is most loyal to. For that, Prince was thrown out of the only home he knows. He was shaking and trembling at his intake, lost and confused. How animals suffer for humans’ egos and failures. Prince’s hind legs are ataxic, the ACC is saying. This is a good enough reason for them to kill him. His owner left glowing recommendation for him, and Prince has showed his intelligence and his good nature by learning new tricks from the ACC staff. Please share this amazingly loyal and great boy, who despite what has happened, is a great dog! Prince does not deserve to die alone. Please share Prince to help him !