ESAGuard Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to our ESAGuard product.

  1. In addition to the completing our ESA assessment, you must have purchased and completed at least one therapeutic session (travel) or two sessions for housing.
  2. Official written documentation from your housing provider or airline (letter, not an email) detailing the reason(s) for denial must be provided to us.
  3. ESAGuard is only valid 30 days from purchase.
  4. ESAGuard is only valid for US customers.
  5. Refunds only include the ESA assessment and ESAGuard costs, not any purchased sessions.

ESAD will refuse to refund your fees if any of the following occurred.

Violating Fair Housing Act / ACAA Guidelines

  • Housing provider or air carrier violates any provision of the Fair Housing Act or Air Carrier Access Act

Airline guidelines

  • Failure to notify the airline at least 48 hours in advance of travel regarding your ESA needs
  • Airline determines dog’s demeanor not suited for cabin travel
  • Animal presents health, safety, or toileting issues
  • Animal fails to fit within the “footprint” of the seat
  • No more than one ESA per passenger
  • More than four ESAs per flight
  • Dog or cat must be at least four months old and have documented vaccination records
  • Only dogs or cats allowed

Direct Threat to Health & Welfare

  • Your animal has been cited for swimming in the pool
  • You have been cited for not picking up after your dog

Direct Threat to Safety

  • Your animal was cited for being off-leash more than once
  • Your animal has been accused of biting another dog, or another person
  • Maintenance personnel have been snapped at, or bitten, when making a necessary repair in your unit
  • There are police reports from others alleging bad behavior

Damage to Property

  • Your animal was cited for damaging the community’s property

Lease Violations

  • You had possession of your animal at the time of completing an application and failed/refused to mention the animal on the application
  • You lied about the breed, size or weight of the animal to avoid pet fees and only sought an ESA letter after-the-fact to avoid pet-related fines


  • Your animal is cited more than once for disturbing the peace: howling at night, barking during the day because the animal is left unattended

Animal Neglect

  • Your animal is left at your unit for extended periods of time [potential animal abuse]
  • Your have been cited for tethering your animal to a tree or pole on your property

General Dishonesty

  • You have consistently referred to your animal as a ‘pet’ in writing: email, social media posts, applications etc., and only sought an ‘ESA Letter’ because your management’s pet policy has changed
  • You have used an ESA letter to circumvent dog breed/size/weight restrictions
  • You are in the process of eviction