ESAGuard – Emotional Support Animal Letter Protection

Congratulations on purchasing your ESA letter! You’re well on your way to protecting you and your pet!


But wait…

What happens if your landlord decides to violate your civil rights or your airline gate agent is having a bad day?

What then?

That’s why we’re proud to offer ESAGuard, a service of ESAD that offers 100% fee protection* for our emotional support animal products.

Not all letters are created equal — visit our bad letter library and see for yourself.

Must-have protection for your ESA letter.

Two years of painstaking research, vetting by top industry experts and housing-law attorneys, combined with world-class customer service have all come together to produce the finest Emotional Support Animal products on the planet.

And with the best letters in the business comes a first-of-its-kind protection plan.

When you purchase ESAGuard, if you’re ever denied a reasonable accommodation using our products, we’ll immediately refund your assessment fee and cost of ESAGuard.

Of course, a few restrictions apply. In particular, we will need written proof from your housing provider or airline outlining the reason(s) for their denial.

We’ll have your back for years to come.