Fair Housing Complaint for Emotional Support Animals

Is your landlord, HOA, or property manager challenging your need for your emotional support animal?

Any person who believes they are disabled -- as defined under the Fair Housing Act -- has a right to live with their animal on the property. Additional, the disabled also have complete access to all the amenities and common areas. All this, of course, without being subjected to any of the pet rules, fees, and restrictions.

Fair housing discrimination challenges.

The fair housing discrimination challenges one might face generally falls into these categories:

  1. Denial of your emotional support animal
  2. Pet rules, fees, or deposits
  3. Restricted access to community amenities and common areas

A housing provider has the legal right to question the authenticity of your disability and need for an assistance animal. That being said, if your emotional support animal letter of recommendation contains all the required elements suggested by the US Department of HUD, then your assistance animal should be permitted to live with you without restrictions.

However, sadly, that's not always the case.


ESAD is an ESA fair housing expert.

Individuals who believe they've been subjected to mistreatment (“housing discrimination”) have the right to file a fair housing complaint. We understand and appreciate filing can get confusing -- it's a multi-step process with limited online help. To successfully protect your rights, you must:

  • know how to write a complaint
  • provide evidence
  • survive an interview by the investigator, and
  • negotiate a resolution so you can keep your emotional support animal

We're the Internet's #1 resource for filing a HUD complaint.

ESA Doggy knows the fair housing complaint process better than any online resource today -- and we are here to guide you!

So, how can you be sure you are a victim of housing discrimination?

We work to fight housing discrimination.

ESAD believes access to housing is essential to the health of individuals, families, and communities.

If you think you've been victimized by housing discrimination, consider the "Ask A Question" forum or our free Discrimination Analysis tool for both consumers and professionals. All of these services are managed by our Fair Housing Team.

To aid in our fight against housing discrimination. our landlord denial response (consumer and professional versions) service provides clients with in-depth analysis and sample housing provider recommendations.

When you're ready to file a HUD housing complaint, considering using our Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Builder (consumer and professional versions). This online application incorporates our wealth of knowledge developed over the years (our experts have filed hundreds of fair housing complaints).

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