How to spot a fake, fraudulent or scam ESA website

Don’t lose your money to online con artists. Fraud is now at record levels, and while there are sensible steps we can all take to protect ourselves, an unfair burden has been placed on the public.

If you've been shopping around the Internet, looking to purchase an emotional support animal letter, take a moment and complete this free, anonymous quiz.

Let's see how the competition stacks up, shall we?

  • Your Contact Information

  • Website Contact Information

  • Several Internet vendors engage an offshore based call center.
  • Business Information

  • Many Internet vendors operate from a "UPS Store" or the like.
  • Can you determine the corporate ownership?
  • Security & Privacy

  • Many Internet vendors will just place third-party logos on their site without actually engaging the third-party's services. At the least, that's a possible violation of copyright law.
  • Therapist

  • Sad, but true.
  • ESA Letter

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