Many online vendors fail to comply with HUD’s FHEO2020

Today, we spent a few hours shopping online, chatting with other vendors who offer Emotional Support Animal services.

Our ask to them was simple, “what are you doing to comply with HUD’s latest guidance, FHEO 2020-01.” We called the “big names in the business,” the little one man shops, and all points in between.

In a word, they all failed.


Answers included “what’s that,” “that law doesn’t apply to us,” and quite amusing, “that’s up to the therapist to decide.”

The supposed biggest name in this business, with 65,000 satisfied customers, was woefully unfamiliar with HUD’s new mandate, oddly pointing out Illinois’ and Indiana’s legislation when queried about HUD’s requirement for an “active treating relationship.”

We encourage our readers to proceed cautiously when shopping online for an ESA letter.  The U.S. government cracked down and it appears few have risen to the challenge.