Find A Lawyer

Getting matched with a lawyer in ESAD's attorney network is highly effective, easy to complete, and protective of your privacy.

Step 1: Present your case

ESAD's network of lawyers are ready to review your case.

First, tell us about your emotional support animal-related legal issue. Our case presentation questions are expertly designed to guide you through the process, just as a lawyer would during an initial consultation. Our application process assures your complete confidentiality, at all times.

Step 2: Match you with the right attorney

Based on your location, lawyers in your area will review your case detail. Your personal information remains confidential, and is not released to any attorney, until you choose to release it.

Step 3: Select the right attorney

  • Interested lawyers will respond to you with a personal message detailing their availability, relevant experience, and fee structure.
  • Take the time to review each lawyer's response, and his/her specific legal experience, practice areas, ratings, fees, and educational, and professional affiliations.
  • Lawyers are pre-screened, so you can feel confident in knowing they are licensed and in good standing with their state bar association.
  • Contact the lawyer or lawyers you feel will be right for your case.

This service is in beta testing.  Lawyers are not available in all states and areas.