Reasonable Accommodation Form (Landlord Form)

Many landlords require tenants to submit a “reasonable accommodation form.” Each form is unique — some are simple affairs, others not so. Often, we encounter questions that, in our opinion, are likely discriminatory. A correctly answered reasonable accommodation form is essential. Recognizing this, we retain a fair housing law expert to process these documents.

Due to ethical, auditing, and liability concerns, a reasonable accommodation form must be completed within 30 days of an assessment. Individuals requiring a completed form outside of the 30-day assessment window must also purchase a talk therapy session to establish continuity of care and a minimal standard for the prevention of suicide and self-injury.

There are no exceptions.

You can order our reasonable accommodation form service here. There is a fee for this service.

Landlord verification.

To comply with federal law (HIPAA), our verification service must be purchased in order for our therapist to verify an ESA letter when a third-party service (housing provider, airline, third-party verification service) calls.

I’ve purchased this service and need to upload my form.