ESAGuard Fine Print

The Fine Print.

Refunds shall be paid within 30 days of the submission of a valid claim, and

  • Only to your original form of payment.
  • This offer expires 10 days after placing your original order.
  • And is subject to the conditions stated below.


  • Only housing letters for U.S. residents

To Receive A Refund.

  • You must have actively engaged your housing provider.
  • Your paperwork was rejected at least twice.
  • Occasionally, a landlord will reject your first submittal (e.g., seeking additional therapeutic clarification).
  • Your landlord must have allowed you two or more attempts to cure any alleged defect in your paperwork.
  • Each rejection must be in writing from the landlord, and then submitted to us, allowing our team to help “cure” any unresolved issue.

Eligibility Requirements.

You are not eligible for a refund if any of the following have occurred:

  • Your assistance animal is not a cat or dog.
  • Your landlord is fully complying with the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Act and appropriate Guidance (FHEO 2013, etc).
  • Your assistance animal poses a safety or health threat to other residents or property.
  • Your housing provider has cited a valid reason for denying your accommodation request pursuant to Fair Housing Act or Fair Housing Equal Opportunity guidance.
  • You have been cited by your landlord for damage caused by your assistance animal to the property.
  • You are in violation of the terms of your lease (other than provisions that violate the FHA or FHEO guidance).
  • You had possession of your assistance animal at the time of completing a tenant application or moving in and failed to notify your housing provider.
  • Your assistance animal has been cited by your landlord for infractions such as disturbing neighbors, damaging property, making excess noise, or demonstrating hostility towards other residents or staff.
  • Your assistance animal cannot humanely live in your residential space, or you have been cited for improper treatment of your animal.
  • You have lied about or misrepresented your need for an assistance animal to our licensed mental health professional or to your housing provider.
  • You are acting in a duplicitous or deceitful manner.

* Certain rules and restrictions apply.
** Our past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no guarantee of acceptance.