Choosing the Right Orlando Emotional Support Dog

Choosing the Right Orlando Emotional Support Dog

Over the past few years, we see more Orlando, FL Emotional Support Animals wherever we go … airlines, no-pet policy housing, to name a few.

It seems that folks are starting to recognize the therapeutic value of having an Orlando Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Most commonly dogs, ESAs do not require any specific training (like a service animal). In fact, the only “job” of an ESA is to be present for their owner’s well-being.

While not restricted to just doggies, Orlando Emotional Support Animals come in all sizes and shapes. However, most find dogs the best suited to provide emotional stability.

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The Benefits of a Orlando Emotional Support Dog

Dogs have been our best friend forever, and a few of the proven benefits of their company include:

  • Enhanced mental health
  • Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Improved self-confidence
  • More activity
  • Quick recovery after illness or injury
  • Reduced stress

How to Choose the Right Orlando Emotional Support Dog

Around here, we are doggie lovers — crazy doggie lovers! We highly recommend that you save a dog’s life and adopt from your local Orlando humane society or animal rescue.

If you have not yet adopted, here’s a few suggestions on which breeds makes for an excellent Orlando ESA.

Labrador Retriever

If you have never owned a Labrador, then wow, you do not know what you are missing.

Super intelligent, happy-go-lucky, and once referred to as ‘nanny dogs,’ Labs are highly recommended as Orlando Emotional Support Animals; especially for folks dealing with anxiety issues.

Our favorite!

Golden Retriever

An energetic and comforting companion, golden retrievers are super social creatures. One note though, this breed sheds a lot.


Even-tempered, intelligent, and funny, pugs will invigorate your emotional health with their endless energy.

Premium Poodle

For those with allergies, poodles are a good fit.

Run of the mill.

We’ve heard great things about mixed breeds, such as lab/GSD. Visit your local off leash dog park, talk to owners, and get their opinions.

In the end, just save a dog (or cat, etc.), and forever earn our complete admiration and respect.

Final words about a Orlando Emotional Support Dog

Dogs of all varieties make for excellent companions as they are protective, friendly, and gentle. Moreover, if you want to have them fly with you in the main cabin, or live in “no pets” policy housing, you will need a doctor recommended an letter of recommendation. Should that be the case, give us a call, and we would be glad to help.

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