Flying on American Airlines with an Emotional Support Animal

Flying on American Airlines with an Emotional Support Animal

From the American Airlines website, to travel with an Emotional Support Animal in the main cabin, you must:

  • Provide supporting documentation, from your treating licensed mental health professional, dated within one year of your scheduled flight, on their letterhead and contains their licensure information.
  • Have an emotional or mental disability recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • Need the Emotional Support Animal as an accommodation for air travel and activity at your destination

It’s important for you to contact American Airlines at least 48 hours before your flight so that you can submit your documentation. If you fail to notify the airlines, or they’re unable to validate your paperwork, your animal may be checked and travel in a kennel.

Traveling to Hawaii on American Airlines with an Emotional Support Animal

All service animals traveling to Hawaii must comply with the state’s import requirements. You’ll need proper entry documents and have made the necessary prior arrangements with Animal Quarantine (808-483-7151). At check-in, customers must provide quarantine documentation for the animal to be allowed to enter Hawaii.

Dogs and cats (service and emotional support animals) can travel in the cabin to/from Hawaii or directly to outer Hawaii Islands. All other animals must go through Honolulu first.

Learn more about Hawaii’s import requirements.

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