Life Hack: Find a Florida cat friendly apartment!

It can be difficult finding a “cat-friendly” apartment.

Cats are great emotional support animals, and according to Federal Law, an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) gets to live with their owners, even in “no-pet” apartments! Better yet, the apartment landlord cannot charge a pet deposit nor increase the rent for your ESA.

ESA cats provide comfort and companionship, helping to reduce their owner’s stress and anxiety.

Take a few minutes and see if you qualify for an ESA letter; written by licensed mental health care professionals.

During checkout, we will pre-authorize your credit card for the total amount due. Pre-authorization allows us to submit your paperwork for review. You are not billed until you are issued an Emotional Support Animal letter.

Should you qualify, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Live in the apartment of your dreams
  • No pet deposits
  • No any additional monthly pet fees
  • Free airline domestic travel for your cat

Can cats work as Service Animals?

Nope, sorry about, but only dogs and small horses can work as a service animal.