Top 10 Common Housing Discriminations Regarding ESA

According to the Fair Housing Act, both Emotional Support Animals & Service Animals are considered Assistance Animals and are to be provided all reasonable accommodations.

If any of the above violations have occurred because you require an Emotional Support Animal or a Service Animal, you may have been subjected to housing discrimination in violation of the Fair Housing Act, and you are entitled to protect those rights.

  1. An Assistance Animal is being denied housing because of its Breed, Weight, or Size. [Pit Bull, German Shepherd etc.]
  2. An Assistance Animal is being charged a Pet Rent, Pet Fee or Pet Deposit
  3. An Assistance Animal is being denied access to common areas: swimming pool area, club house, fitness center, or any other common use area at the Apartment complex, Condo Assoc., HOA, or Mobile Home Park.
  4. An Assistance Animal is prohibited from living within City limits because of its Breed.
  5. An Assistance Animal is required to attend a “Pet Interview” or any other inspection
  6. An Assistance Animal is denied housing because the housing provider’s Insurance coverage prohibits certain dog breeds.
  7. An Assistance Animal is required to have a “Service Dog Certificate” or “Service Dog Registration” or is required to have “Proof of Training”- all of these are illegal requests.
  8. An Emotional Support Animal is denied housing because it is not a Service Animal
  9. A Housing Provider would only accept a “Doctor’s Letter” because a letter from anyone not a doctor is not accepted.
  10. A Housing Provider requires direct contact with the disabled person’s medical professional, or requires additional
    forms to be completed by the disabled person’s medical professional.

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