Issues We Care About

We use our position to influence change.

Business should be a powerful lever of change, driving progressive social justice by advancing the strategies and tools that deal issues such as protecting democracy or racial inequality. Nonviolent methods of conflict resolution have been shown time and again as the most efficient way to achieve peace and justice.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Our support LGBTQ+ community in the fight for justice spans decades. Our unwavering support includes a deep respect for all people and we staunchly belief everyone deserves full and equal civil rights.

We are dedicated to protecting and promoting freedom of speech and religion. I 2015, to jubilantly celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage a constitutional right, we installed Festivus Poles, wrapped in the rainbow colors of gay pride, in state capitals nationwide.

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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, kids, and grandparents, they all matter. They matter because they’re our friends, colleagues, neighbors, co-workers who everyday face injustices that steal from us all, regardless of your color.

Racism is the defining civil rights issue of our time. To be silent is to be complicit.

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In God We Trust

Texas passed a law *requiring* schools to display any donated 'In God We Trust' poster: they are breaking the law if someone donates a poster and they don't display it. So, to demonstrate equal rights for all, ESADoggy is donating those posters but in Arabic.

And Vulcan, Hebrew, Gay Pride, Spanish, Hindi, and many more.

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Book Banning

Signed into law in March 2022 by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, this new legislation lets parents object to educational materials. That bill came about after some parents complained about sexually explicit books being taught in Florida schools.

ESADoggy has petitioned all 63 Florida public school districts to ban the bible, an action we believe highlight flaws and constitutional concerns surrounding Florida’s new law and others like it — and could lead to serious litigation down the line.

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Why Choose ESADoggy?

In a marketplace ripe with websites are using questionable business practices, learn more about our ethics and values. Here at ESADoggy, we look to make the world a better place for all ... you, me, us ... and, of course, our furry friends.

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