Job Board UK

From the beginning, ESAD Int’l has been a remote-first company. Our founders have decades of experience hiring the best people no matter where they were in the world.

Says CEO Chaz Stevens, “”The best way for us to grow our team is to seek out those better than us, that way, we’ll make our company all the much better.

Welcome to the gig economy

The gig economy is all about enlisting workers who operate on a flexible basis in order to better manage their ever-changing business needs.

With our hiring-model, we can hand-pick individuals filling any location gaps by using a more dynamic and job-specific approach. Overlooking the temporary nature of the gig economy, we treat flexible staff like valued members of our team, while respecting their independence.

Hiring in the UK

With a U.S. coast-t0-coast network of licensed mental health practitioners under contract, we’re looking to expand into the EU market.