Joining our Referral Network

Please read our getting starting article before applying.

ESAD cannot answer any questions regarding complying with these following guidelines. Please consult with your Board or professionals in your industry.

Our site contains over 1.8 million words, 2,300 pages, and highly-detailed job listings. We're confident we've answered every single question you might have for us.

Based on the guidelines published by the American Counseling Association, you must have previous work-experience with human-animal bond counseling and provide documentation showing completion of specialized human-animal bond training.

The ACA Code of Ethics C.2.a Boundaries of Competence states that counselors only work within their boundaries of competence based on education, training, supervision, experience, and credentials.

Like Psychology Today, we're a referral service.

  • You are not being hired on, you're joining our referral network as an independent contractor.
  • Our referral protocol assigns clients to your primary state of residence/practice.
  • We do not refer out-of-state, -province, or -region clients.
  • US therapists must be licensed to work independently.
  • Canadian therapists must be registered with their local college.
  • We offer expert advice and non-therapeutic and non-legal training about ESA laws and guidelines.


  1. Clinicians must be able to manage work-day referrals from us. Our products are marketed this way, so if you can't get to our cases until after hours or just on the weekends, then this endeavor is not for you.
  2. Letters issued by our contract therapists must include their contact information (business address, phone, email), which may present issues for individuals working from home.
  3. You have spectacular ethics and a rock-solid value system.

ESAD complies with state and federal nondiscrimination laws and policies that prohibit discrimination based on age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, or sex. It is unlawful to retaliate against individuals or groups based on the basis of their participation in a complaint of discrimination or on the basis of their opposition to discriminatory practices/EEO. We are a drug-free workplace.